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Västerbotten Experience is an initiative through which companies work together for more sustainable nature and cultural experiences in Västerbotten. 

Businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry in Västerbotten are working to create positive effects for the economy, the environment and social areas. This is accomplished by ensuring that the needs of visitors, companies, the environment and community serve as a starting point. Both present day needs and future needs.

How can we offer our guests the very best of Västerbotten?

This was the question that eventually led to the Västerbotten Experience (VX) initiative.

Västerbotten Experience guides the way to more sustainable nature and cultural experiences. Companies that receive the VX seal aim to serve as role models in environmental considerations, climate-smart solutions, and local responsibility.

Their way of working creates experiences that allow guests to take part in everything unique about Västerbotten.

GSTC – a method for true sustainability

Västerbotten’s regional tourism organisation, Region Västerbotten Tourism (RVT), is tasked with promoting sustainable development for the county’s hospitality industry.

RVT has developed a work method based on sustainability criteria set forth by the Global Sustainable Tourism Councils (GSTC) and offers a further pathway to certification and net zero planning.

Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). GSTC is a global council originally established with some seed funds from the United Nations  to develop and manage global standards for sustainable tourism. The sustainability criteria comprise four pillars: effective sustainability planning, maximum social and economic benefits for the local community, promoting cultural heritage, and reducing environmental impact. 

The GSTC criteria can be operationalised through the EarthCheck Certification program, providing a practical framework and system to benchmark progress and sustainable action. Those VX businesses and destinations that hold the EarthCheck label will be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable action that has been independently audited by a third party and meets scientific principles.

Västerbotten Experience

The work method developed by RVT means that GSTC’s sustainability criteria can be used to strengthen the work of companies as well as destinations. Using the criteria, the sustainability work of operators is analysed, necessary changes are identified, and an action plan is drafted.

The aim is to provide even better experiences, to showcase the best Västerbotten has to offer, and to foster a sense of pride in our nature and cultural experiences. We call it Västerbotten Experience (VX) and we have designed a seal that will guide visitors to these experiences. The seal indicates that the bearer actively works towards sustainable development.

A VX company commits to working towards a more sustainable tourism industry by, among other things:

  • Having a long-term sustainability policy adapted to the company’s conditions.
  • Having a written environmental plan that includes reasonable measures to conserve resources, reduce emissions and protect biodiversity.
  • Prioritising local suppliers, organic and fair trade products and raw materials when procuring goods and services.
  • Having procedures in place for marketing and cooperating with local residents to counteract adverse impact on cultural heritage, living culture and historically vulnerable environments.
  • Protecting biodiversity and complying with regulations pertaining to protected areas and biodiversity protection in their area of operations.
  • Using local raw materials and food products to benefit food producers, agriculture, reindeer husbandry, fishing, etc.
  • Taking into account, when planning and implementing measures, the extent and type of tourism an area can cope with. Taking into account local residents’ privacy and quality of life in the area.
  • Ensuring accessibility for people with special needs, wherever relevant and reasonable, and providing information about this.
  • Ensuring that none of the products provided throughout a visitor’s stay contributes to the spread of infection. This refers to every stage during transport, activities, meals and overnight accommodation. An infection control policy is in place and clearly communicated.
  • Having an EarthCheck certification.
Medlem i GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council)

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Västerbotten Experience Vattenstämpel

Västerbotten Experience

– bygger på en sann historia

Du vill ha den verkliga känslan av en plats.

Du vill uppleva den äkta kulturen och naturens frihet. Och du vill ha så mycket av detta som möjligt under en och samma resa.

Det är då du ska hålla utkik efter Västerbotten Experience. Det är ett kvalitetssigill för det genuina: från boende och mat till aktiviteter.

Din Västerbotten Experience bygger på hållbarhet. Och karaktäriseras alltid av Västerbottens livsstil
och gästvänlighet.

Den är med andra ord baserad på en sann historia.

Destinationer i Västerbotten

Vilda, vackra Västerbotten bjuder på varierande natur och en mängd upplevelser. För dig som vill veta mer, få aktuell information eller hjälp att planera din resa så rekommenderar vi att du kontaktar någon av våra destinationer.

Vill du som företag veta mer om Västerbotten Experience?

Läs mer om hur vi tillsammans bygger en hållbar besöksnäring i Västerbotten.
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